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Four Four Bridges Show

September 8 & 9th

Bridges Show

Hope all is well, thought I would send you a little note and see what trouble you have been getting into lately.  Musings from Kentucky or Lines about life in

Big Four Art Festival

September 8th: 10am - 7pm | September 9th: 10am - 5pm

Big Four Bridge at Waterfront Park
1101 River Road Louisville, Kentucky 40202


Madison Chautauqua Art Show

September 29 & 30 Saturday and Sunday 10AM to 5PM

Madison Indiana along the riverfront between Broadway and Vine Street


Oldham Arts on CityPlace


October 10 & 11th Saturday 10 AM to 5PM and Sunday 11AM to 4PM

112 S. 1st, La Grange Kentucky

Louisville as we get more settled.  We still miss California and the wonderful weather.   We are making more friends and discovering more places in the Blue Grass state.  The people are friendly, the Bourbon is smooth and restaurants abound. 
It rains a least two to three times a week, we have yet to need to water our yard.  Lots of Cardinals come to feed as well as deer, squirrels, and ground hogs.  Occasionally we see a fox or rabbit in our yard.  Our Koi have doubled in size and John is working on a new pond for them.  We will be able to sit at the kitchen table and look at the birds and see the Koi play. 
There is already some evidence that fall is coming – a few leaves turning, the nights are cooler.  I must say fall here is beautiful when the trees parade in their leafy red, orange and yellow attire.  Hope to enjoy the colorful show and more pleasant temperatures. 
Mother is doing well after spending time at the hospital and rehab center, she is back home.  She was doing physical therapy on a treadmill at rehab, so we got her a therapeutic one for home.  We also have a physical therapist coming 3 times a week.  She seems to like the exercises.
Jill, Doug and they boys are doing well.  Matthew is 11 and Erik is 9 it is hard to believe.  Matthew is in 6th grade and at a different school this year from Erik, he gets to change classes and likes the variety.   He asked Jill for an easel, paints an canvas and has been doing some plein aire painting in their backyard.  So far he painted a blue jay and some flowers.  They both are enjoying tennis.  Earlier they had to put their boxer Brody to sleep, he was their first dog and it was hard.  They are getting a new puppy this weekend a Labrador Mix from a rescue group named Venus.  She is very calm and I think the boys will really enjoy her. 
We took a trip to do a show in Maryland and saw my college roommate and her husband.  The four of us had an wonderful time.  Our time went too quickly and I can’t wait to see them again.  We also had two artist friends stop by for two nights for a quick visit from California and that was great.  On September 11th we have a couple visiting from California for a week.  Ellen and I worked together and have known each other for over 25 years.  It should be fun.
Our building project is coming right along.  The drywall is up and the floors go in next week, then painting, so it should be done by end of September.  Come and visit when you can, we have a room waiting for you.

Sandy & John

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